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Universe & Metaverse

We are building the ecosystem that connects metaverse and universe

TiFi AllverseTM

A platform that people can shop and trade real-world products with NFTs and Cryptocurrencies


Transfering Reward = 1 %

Every holder can get 1% of tokens back when transferring tokens to another wallet, which stimulates TiFi token as a payment cryptocurrency.

Reflection Reward ≥ 0.6 %

A portion of transaction volume (1.2% for selling tokens and 0.6% for other cases) will be distributed to every TiFi token holder. You will get the reward by the token shares ratio among all shareholders.

Burning Rate ≥ 0.2 %

A small portion of transaction volume (0.4% for selling tokens and 0.2% for other cases) will be burnt to boost TiFi token value. And the total supply will keep reducing.

Staking Preserve Rate ≥ 0.2 %

A small portion of transaction volume will be withheld by TiFi Bank which is for paying the staking rewards. All rewards are paid without minting new tokens in order to prevent inflation.

Low Gas Fee

Since the TiFi smart contract is running on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), the gas fee is much lower than the transactions on Ethereum Network.

Liquidity Pool Locked

The Liquidity Pool for TiFi token is locked to keep the value of TiFi token in holder's wallets while rewards are still being gained.

TiFi Allverse

TiFi BankTM

Decentralized Exchange platform enables customers to exchange cryptocurrency smoothly and earn more rewards!

NFT Voucher

We want to make every digital asset in allverse have its value. And you can use TiFi NFTs to claim the real world products. It will be the trust place for creation and sharing.

TiFi TokenTM

The decentralized token that encourage trading and HODLing by earning rewards.

TiFi Apps

Provide the best user experiences to explore TiFi Ecosystem, bridge metaverse and universe, by providing real-world product shopping and NFT exchange platform.

TiFi Shopping & Trading Platform


Go to TiFi Allverse App, and browse Products. This is a whole new online shopping experience. You shop real-world products, but with the NFT and cryptocurrencies.


To purchase products, the customer places the order and gets the NFTs for the products she purchased.

At the time the customer holds the NFT, the customer has the ownership of the real-world product.


Trade NFT with other users on TiFi Allverse App. By exchanging the NFT, the ownership of the real-world product was also exchanged.

It saves a lot of resources for delivery and transportation when trading these products.


Customer can redeem the real world product and get the real-world item delivered. At the time of delivery, the NFT will be burnt.


March 2022

Launch TiFi Website Completed

Marketing Completed Completed

Release TiFi Token on BSC Completed

TiFi Secured by CertiK Completed

TiFi Token PresaleCompleted

April - June 2022

10K TIFI Holders Completed

List TiFi Token on CEX Completed

List TIFI on CG and CMC Completed

Marketing Completed

TiFi Token Burn Events Completed

July - September 2022

TiFi Bank v1 - Swap Completed

TiFi Bank v2 - Staking In-Progress

Marketing In-Progress

More CEX Listings In-Progress

October - December 2022

TiFi Bank v3 - Lending & Borrowing In-Progress

TiFi Bank v4 - Mobile App Planned

January - March 2023

TiFi Allverse v1 - Shopping Planned

TiFi Allverse v2 - NFT Planned

April - June 2023

TiFi Allverse v3 - Trading Planned

TiFi Defines Allverse

TiFi /taifai/ , was built by a group of talented engineers at Silicon Valley. Everyone in TiFi believes technology can build a fantastic world that beyond imagination. Bridging the metaverse and universe is the fundamental task that makes people trust and achieve in both worlds. Here we started the journey…

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